More About Me

Today, I am very pleased to be a member of the Better Homes and Gardens Team. My second year, I received the Silver award, and third year the GOLD award. My sharp negotiating skills successfully get my buyers the winning offer! I always say, "If you get a your buyers offer accepted, you are a GREAT agent." This market can be hostile, and it is my goal to get that offer accepted, and support my sellers in a seamless process of selling their home. My mantra "I will make it happen" developed from the decades of hard work and perseverance to achieve my goals. I use my creative and eccentric personality, combined with my vast skill set to " Make it happen"!!

My ample work experience includes 30 years in restaurants hospitality, education/teaching, legal software/paralegal and luxury household management. Real estate allows me to utilize my vast and well developed skill set.

My previous positions were broad and required impeccable organization, time management skills, and working well independently and within a deadline. I wore many hats including project management, marketing, and technical support, The legal software position improved my technical skills providing a foundation in using current software and platforms, useful in marketing properties and staying current with the housing market.

As an educator, my classroom included thirty four students and was fast paced requiring great detail in time management and organization. Each student in my class required special attention and support, including constant, sensitive communication with their families.

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